Real “DMR & MAC-10” Nerf??

Has the day finally come? The day that the Call Of Duty devs finally heard every player’s cry for help? Players have been forced to used the DMR basically since Cold War was integrated into the game, and if you didn’t use it, you were at a huge disadvantage. Pre nerf, the DMR was a 2 shot headshot from any distance, and the gun has the distance of a sniper. So when little Jonny was having fun with his friends driving around the map then gets shot out of his car, he was left in tears because the game wasn’t fun anymore. Luckily, the nerf today should solve his problem, so we hope..

As we can see in the notes from Raven Software, multiple guns, not just the DMR got nerfs. Although, the DMR was the gun people despised the most, the Type 63, Mac-10, and burst pistols saw a nerf.

Gamers will now race for clickbait YouTube titles for the “new meta” and we think we know what it is going to be: Streetsweeper and FFAR.
The StreetSweeper is a beast of a shotgun and we think it might overtake the previous “doof doof” “R9-0” shotgun. FFAR, just a solid choice.

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