Detective Tommey – Power Hungry?

Warzone has had its fair share of glitches, exploits, OP guns and of course, hackers. Cheaters and hackers have made playing Warzone almost impossible, especially for the average gamer. But you are now seeing cheaters make their mark on the competitive circuit as well.

If you are familiar with the topic, then you know that there has been a new detective on the Warzone scene. 100 Thieves own Tommey has recently exposed a cheater during a recent Warzone tournament, live on twitch!

Tommy had his evidence before going on the attack against the player named HNLPacesetter for his cheating ways. If you want to see Tommey break everything down during his “investigation”, check out his VOD (jump to 6 hours and 45 minutes into the VOD).

Tommey spends several hours going over the footage of HNLPacesetter’s gameplay, and calling out the cheating. Since then, HNLPacesetter has gone into hiding. Deleting his past VOD’s/videos, one of which was a World Record setting gameplay VOD. After this happened, Tommey was crowned the hero as the “anti-cheat” that Activision really needs!

Yesterday during the Twitch Rivals 250K tournament, hackers made their way into a the event and found a way to cheat. So we thought. The people were calling for Tommey to investigate, and he did. Only this time, he must have been on a slight power trip, because he began to throw allegations around before he had all his evidence together.

Since he announced his allegations, he has backpedaled and apologized for jumping to conclusions so quickly. This instance could potentially be a career ender for most people after attacking another streamer for several hours live on twitch. Will the people backlast Tommey, 100 Thieves, Activision, and Twitch? Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts? Did Tommy take it to far, or did the cheater hide his hacks?

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