Valorant: Best Agents

Since Valorant’s release, it has been praised for being a game that gives vibes similar to CS:GO/H1Z1. It also has some of the best graphics seen in the gaming industry. Many streamers/content creators have focused their time on the game and gone away from Fortnite, COD, and other major games.

Image by Riot Games

Valorant has over 100,000 average viewers daily, which makes it a game that’s poised to take over as top dog on Twitch once it reaches it’s peak. Something that could take this game over the edge is making it available on all platforms. At the moment it is currently only available on PC. We have heard from several console streamers that they wish they could be playing Valorant.

Just like all games, there is a meta strategy to provide the best chance for success. According to gamers, the most used “Agent” is Omen. They go on Gamers say Omen has the triple threat ability to move, add cover, and cause disruption in game. One can see how Omen might be an OP Agent and could see a nerf in the coming updates the game will have.

Who’s your favorite agent? Let us know in a comment below.

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