ALGS Winter Circuit Results #1

Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) kicked off their first round of the Winter Circuit yesterday. With non-stop action between four different regions, Apex climbed near the top of Twitch for concurrent viewership. TSM_ImperialHal, one of the best Apex gamers around reached his all-time high in viewership during the tournament peaking at 41,526 live viewers.

Although TSM_ImperialHal had a substantial amount of viewers, TSM’s tournament performance was not so good.

TSM, one of the most well known Apex teams placed 6th in the first wave of the Winter Circuit. This did not qualify them for the finals later this year. The 3 teams that did qualify for the Winter Circuit finals were sF, Ranked is Harder, and YouLikeThatMate?.

Looking at these results, no one would have predicted this outcome. NRG, Sentinels, Liquid, TSM, CLG, all big name organizations failed to qualify this week, meaning they have to wait 3 more weeks for their next chance on February 21st.

Leave a reply in the comments down below on the 3 teams that you think will qualify on February 21st.

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