#GME To The Moon

If you are a gamer, it’s likely that you have bought or sold something at GameStop. If you have, you remember paying top dollar, but when you tried to sell something you would get pennies on the dollar. On the brink of bankruptcy, GameStop stock began to soar like none other in recent memory.

There were other stocks that had a similar increase in the stock market, like AMC Entertainment, Nokia, Blackberry and Bed Bath and Beyond. The stock price for GameStop was under $10 per share just a few months ago and has gone over $400 per share.

Social media has blown up over GameStop and these other stocks, causing them to continually increase daily until Robinhood decided to stop all buying of GME among others. Yesterday, retail investors were extremely upset at this causing another spike in the GME hype.

Now you have two options: buy and hope it goes to the moon, or don’t buy and possibly be left on Earth.

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