Triple Threat Challenge

The Triple Threat Challenge is where you get three victories in back to back to back games. The catch is that you need get these wins in three different games.

Dr Disrespect is one of the best content creators out there and he achieved the Triple Threat Challenge a couple of years ago. He did it playing Call of Duty Blackout, Battlefield Firestorm and PUBG.

What makes his a accomplishment even more impressive, was that he did it in world record time (one hour and fifty five minutes). Check out the article Dexerto wrote on the Two-Time’s world record:

The Triple Threat Challenge has continued as a staple in Doc’s content. He has taken this challenge to Call of Duty Warzone, and going for victories in Duos, Trios and Quads as a solo or with a partner.

The Two-Time partnered up with Facebook Gaming’s Zlaner for their weekly Duo action, going for the Triple Threat Challenge. Check out the video link below to see the highlights from their Triple Threat Challenge:

via Dr. Disrepects Youtube Page

Not only did they complete their objective, but did so in world record fashion (again). This time, it only took one hour, twenty-five minutes to completed their objective.

What makes their accomplishment even more impressive was that they were using their sniper load outs in game. They used “violence, speed and momentum” to overwhelm the competition and it is unlikely that this record will ever be beat.

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