Fortnite: Short Nite

Fortnite patch notes were released this morning and they have added a Short Nite film festival to the Party Royale game mode. This mode allows you to watch short films that were made as preambles to feature length films. Pixar/Disney fans out there are very familiar with short films. Disney has put short films in at the beginning of their movies since the early 1990’s. See below for a quick summary from Epic Games about Short Nite:

After last night’s scheduled maintenance period the overall fixes and bugs this patch brought were to the game’s Save The World game mode. This mode originally is what Epic Games had in mind for the game’s future. Even with the popularity it had, it was the Battle Royale game mode off that took off.

The patch did bring back a fan favorite weapon that was introduced several seasons ago. Gamers first saw the Flint Knock Pistol in Chapter 1, Season 8 in the “Pirate Season” but was vaulted after a few months. See below for some more changes from this patch:

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