Gulag Wall Hacks?!

It looks like there is a new bug to Call of Duty Warzone. Gulag wall hacks are a thing now. The newest glitch of the bunch is a doozy. It only happens in a very specific scenario.

As two players are loading into their gulag fight, you are able to see a red outline of your opponent. Once the fight starts, that outline disappears. Two players were loading into their gulag, but then they were both given a win suddenly. Both players dropped back into Verdansk thinking the other had left the game in their gulag. Once they were on the ground though, a red outline was visible to each player. See below for one player’s in game viewpoint of these gulag wall hacks:

If you want to go watch the 30 second clip of this encounter, click this link to an article Dexerto released: Gulag Glitch
This glitch only affected those two specific players, meaning they could only see each other. This did not give them “wall hacks” against every other player in the lobby. What do you think will be the next glitch we see in Warzone? Let us know down below with a reply or on our socials!
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