NHL Gaming World Championship

The NHL and DreamHack Sports have agreed on a partnership to create the NHL Gaming World Championship. The National Hockey League has seen increased interest among their players when it comes to Esports. The NHL Gaming World Championship will be announced by DreamHack Sports and NHL beginning next month. This World Championship will be building on the previous versions of NHL esports championships. According to the NHL, this partnership is going to “aim to align more closely with real-world action.”

Like other professional sports, videos have come out of players playing video games on the jumbotrons in their respective home facilities. See the photo below for an example of the home field for the Kansas City Royals in the MLB.

The first thing that comes to mind in terms of “real-world action” would be knocking someone out of their skates. In the past, you could change the settings to allow the players to move faster and hit harder. Now, there might be a way to find a happy medium in the game when it comes to the gameplay flow. Another idea that comes to mind is how the game will follow entirely along with the NHL season. The “real-world action” could mean that there will be a regular season schedule for the World Championship that mimics the NHL season.

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