Warzone Season Two POI’s

Day one of new Warzone season two POI’s is here and there is a lot to unpack. We have briefly gone over some of the new weapons in a previous article you can see here: Previous Article
Now that the new season is out, there are some notes that Raven Software released about the new POI’s:

Shipwreck is going to be the hottest drop zone for the next few weeks. Not just because it’s the latest and greatest, but because of the potential loot you can get. What Raven Software failed to mention is that the zombies that you fight at Shipwreck will drop additional loot. You will find a yellow access card sometimes dropped by the zombies that work on special crates. There will be high tier loot from these crates including a “durable gas mask”, which lasts longer than the standard gas mask. Take a look at this clip talking about some of the additions to the game:

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