Cold War Suppressors

The COD Cold War suppressors saw a nerf with the release of the Warzone Season Two. This caused some grief for competitive and casual gamers since Cold War weapons have taken over the meta. This didn’t stop people from using Cold War weapons though. There has been a lot of social media backlash calling for a revert however. If you want to see all the updates that came with Season Two, check out our post on some of the details: DIG Season Two

As of today, the Cold War Suppressors has been reverted to a similar state they were previously in. Take a look below at a tweet from Raven Software around today’s patch:

In terms of previous metas for Warzone, Modern Warfare weapons took the spotlight (Kilo, MP5, Grau, etc.). Those weapons nearly always had the Monolithic Suppressors attached, to help with sound suppression, recoil stability and better damage range. The Agency Suppressor from Cold War is essentially the Monolithic Suppressor counterpart, which is being used in a majority of the current meta. Seeing this change has made the Warzone community very happy, especially since a popular meta load out currently uses two separate Cold War Assault Rifles (AUG and FFAR). The MAC-10 still is widely used too as the secondary to either the AUG or FFAR.

What do you think is the current meta in Warzone? Is there a Modern Warfare weapon that people are sleeping on? Let us know down below with a reply or let us know on social media with this link: DIG Socials

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