Fortnite Icon Series LazarBeam

The Fortnite Icon Series LazarBeam skin was released last week. LazarBeam has been involved in the Fortnite scene ever since the game found its momentum. The Australian content creator has made his name through his commentary and Fortnite death run videos. LazarBeam is paying homage to his former career as a construction worker with this skin.

Fellow Australian and content creator Fresh also got some of the spotlight as well with the next tournament in Fortnite. Unfortunately for the Fortnite Icon Series LazarBeam reveal, his stream crashed during the reveal and start to the tournament. That is definitely a first when it comes to the reveals for Fortnite Icon Series reveals.

Who knows, this might be the most remembered reveal that the Icon Series has seen. What do you think? Is this skin better than the Grefg release? Who will be the next content creator/gamer to get their own skin in the game?

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