First Year Anniversary of Warzone

March 10th was the first year anniversary of Warzone, the most popular battle royale today. Content creators like YouTube’s CourageJD, Twitch’s NickMercs or Facebook’s StoneMountain64 spent time on their streams looking back on the year of gameplay. Many aspects Warzone have changed since the release, like changing loot pools, numerous glitches and a couple new POIs.

Gamers had many questions dropping into their first game of Warzone. First of which was, “is there fall damage?” This game is the third successful battle royale game in three-four years. Fortnite and Apex Legends being the other two games. Apex Legends released before Warzone and with no fall damage in Apex, gamers thought Warzone would follow suite. They quickly found out that was not the case and “broke your legs” became common tongue in the game.

Speaking of other broken things, many weapon metas have cycled through and many of them were beyond broken. From the doof doof shotgun to the DMR, there have been several weapons that needed some tweaking in order to make the game more balanced. The most broken was arguably the AS-VAL (with specific ammo) and Snapshot Grenade meta. This allowed players to see enemies through walls and shoot through them for an almost instant kill.

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If you want to test your knowledge on the first year anniversary of Warzone, click this link for a five minute quiz: Warzone Quiz

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