The End of Verdansk

The end of Verdansk could be coming in the next couple updates. With the addition of the Shipwreck POI and zombies, it’s hard to imagine Verdansk surviving past the middle of this year. Check out our post on the Season Two additions to Warzone: Warzone Season 2

COD Warzone data miners think they have found some leaked audio files that all but confirm this theory.

Any Call of Duty fan has played multiplayer in past versions of the game where they were hit with a Tactical Nuke. It is essentially the crowning achievement that a gamer can get when playing. Getting 25 kills in a row without dying warranted dropping a nuke on the entire map and ending the match.

If you have been playing Warzone recently then you’ll notice the addition of missile silos as well. If you take the new additions to the game with season two and the leaked audio files, it’s not a stretch to think the end of Verdansk is getting close.

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