Fortnite Season Six

Fortnite season six is on the horizon with the Zero Point crisis coming to a close. Agent Jonesy has been assembling his cracked squad of Hunters throughout season five, many are icons from their own genre. Characters from Street Fighter, G.I. Joe, Alien vs Predator, Street Fighter, Halo, The Walking Dead, Terminator and more.

Epic Games announced that there is a season ending event is happening after the update, early tomorrow morning. The events that happen are usually co-operative, where you and the squad are dropping into the same lobby.

This event is a solo one, where you might be able to play with all the different Hunters from this season. Agent Jonesy’s grand plan will finally be put into action.

All the collaboration efforts from Epic Games has found a way to “spread the wealth” for all their partners. Being able to run around the Island as Kratos (PS exclusive) or Master Chief (Xbox Exclusive) is a clever way to unite the gaming world. Fortnite was also the first game that had Cross-Platform gaming, which is a crucial feature for battle royales.

Coming into the new season, there are many things the Fortnite Community are hoping to get back. Most of all is arguably getting a fan favorite weapon back in the mix. Gamers are always looking for the next “pump” shotgun if possible since the gun is hardly in the loot pool cycle.

The pump shotgun has the biggest bang for the higher skilled player. FaZe Mongraal is one of the top players in the world and almost always uses the pump during his Creative 1v1 or box fights. Other fan favorite weapons/items that gamers hope are brought back are the Heavy Sniper Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Spike Traps and Jump Pads.

What are you hoping to see return in Fortnite season six? Let us know down below with a reply!

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