Fortnite Primal

The new season is here and the theme this time around is Fortnite Primal. There are now primal biomes in the center of the map with the new loot pool. These guns are primitive in nature to fit the theme and the have names that fit the bill as well.

Names like primal and makeshift assault rifle or shotgun, as well as primal and mechanical bow. The game does have weapons that are the standard weapons as well (regular AR, sub machine gun, shotgun, etc.).

The highlight of this new release is the return of the Pump Shot Gun. Even though the gun is back in the loot pool, the spawn rate for it is seemingly low. This makes having the pump shotgun even more important and ideal. Once Epic Games releases the data behind weapon spawn rates, we will come back to discuss them and see what the new meta ends up being.

With the addition of the makeshift guns, Epic has added a “crafting” element to your inventory that is similar to what you see in Minecraft. To upgrade or craft better weapons, you need to use specific items that are scattered throughout the map.

Once you have those items, you can craft your weapons in your inventory. At first glance Fortnite Primal is a breath of fresh air from the past seasons. Especially with some of the new skins that battle pass offers (Lora Croft, Teen Titan’s Raven, etc.), Epic Games has produced another quality product in their next season release.

Feel free to go back and look at our article from yesterday to see how our predictions turned out. Let us know down below with a reply or on any of our socials: DIG Socials

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