30K Jack Links Warzone Invitational

Yesterday the 30K Jack Links Warzone Invitational popped off and had the upper echelon of gamers involved. Gamers like Huskers, Ayden, JoWo, Zlaner, Newbz, Tommey and the list goes on up to 32 total players. This tournament was the standard 2v2 bracket style format and took nearly half a day to complete. This tournament was so “star studded” that players like FaZe Swagg, Teep and DougisRaw were given an early exit. It was 100T Tommey and Almxnd that came out on top, after running through the competition from start to finish. Tommey and Almxnd were playing their best Warzone at the right time. Both competitors finished in the top five for individual KDR, Almond at #2 and Tommey at #5:

Tommey and Almxnd dominated in this tournament even with the field of absolute alphas. They would face Warsz and FifaKill in the Grand Finals, after facing them in the Winners Finals the round before. In the Semi Finals they matched up against Huskers and Zlaner, who have won numerous tournaments in the last year. Saying that their run to the Grand Finals was easy would be an insult. They only made it look easy with how well they played throughout the nine hour tournament. Many clip-worthy moments for Tommey and Almxnd happened during the 30K Jack Links Warzone Invitational. Below is just one prime example:

These tournaments have brought out the highest level of gameplay in each of the participants. The casual gamers in Warzone have been taking their notes during these big money tournaments. They get to see how the best of the best handle the high stress situations and with money on the line. What are your thoughts on this tournament? Who were you rooting for? Let us know down below with a reply or on our socials: DIG Socials

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