Highest Earning Warzone Players

Some of the best players in Call of Duty Warzone are also the highest earning warzone players in the world.
The list is a rather stacked at the top, with thousands and thousands of dollars involved. Gamers all have their own opinion for who is the best Warzone player but as always, numbers don’t lie:

As of last week, Aydan has taken the top spot from HusKerrs in the list of highest earning Warzone players. HusKerrs was the first Warzone player to eclipse the $100,000 mark in overall earnings and maintained the #1 spot for several months. Aydan has grinded on Warzone since it came out but was later to the competitive side of the game than HusKerrs was. Between the top five Warzone earners there is over $580,000 in cash, with four of the five eclipsing the $100K mark. For an article that talks in depth on the top twenty earners, use this link: Top 20 Warzone Earners

There are a lot of names in the top ten that are going to be involved in the Warzone scene for many years. Symfuhny is always in the mix and will always bait viewers with his “hacking” clips. FaZe Swagg coming in at #10 will definitely have a chance to climb this list. Facebook’s Zlaner was recently dubbed a top three Warzone player in the world by Dr. Disrespect. Outside of the top ten, names like Almxnd, Jukeyz, Newbz and UnRational will be mixing things up as well. Who do you think is the best Warzone player out there? Let us know down below with a reply, or on social media: DIG Socials

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