Video Game Tournament Glossary

1V1 – one person versus another; a one-on-one game or match


Admin – an individual who is in charge of the discussion boards, forums, channels, or servers that gamers congregate or play on. This person moderates posts and communication as well as removes destructive players. Also called “mod.”

AFK (Away from keyboard) – A term to let others know you won’t be at your keyboard for a certain amount of time so you won’t be able to communicate back right away; unresponsive during middle of the game

Aggro – a playing style that is aggressive and intending to cause more pressure and damage than your opponents 

Aimbot – A cheat that locks onto an opponent before attacking, can result in being banned or reprimanded.

Alias – your gamer tag or name you go under while playing a game

Analyst – individual often featured on a panel who is an expert on a specific video game title

AoE (Area of effect) – an AoE is a spell or attack that will hit anyone standing in that specific vicinity; a form of attacking the other team’s base

Attacking – players working on attacking are going on the offense to attack the opponents or progressing into their territory/base

Auto attack – an attack that doesn’t require spending resources, used by pressing a certain button or doing a certain mouse-click repeatedly 

Avatar – A photo, picture, or graphic of game character used to represent each player.


Beta – Last development phase of a game before the official release, available to a select group of gamers (unless it is “open beta” for everyone) to test play and report bugs or suggest things to improve. Used by developers to promote the game and fine-tune.

Betting – Placing money on a competitive game before the match begins

Blink/Flash – an action where a player disappears and reappears in a different area a short distance away

Bots – Preprogrammed bot/AI players you can compete against or play offline with. NPC are bots as well.

Brush – an unclear area of the map, often marked by bushes or “brush” that can block the vision of a player or hide a player that stands in the area. If a player enters the brush they can then see any other player hiding in that area.

Buff – an action (spell, ability, effect, etc.) that strengthens or increases a player’s abilities or equipment. 

Bug – glitches and issues in the game

Burst Damage – damage dealt in a very short amount of time, or referring to shots fired from a weapon, such a “3 round burst”.


Camper – a player in the game who stays in one place instead of roaming around the map in order to attack or complete objectives, negatively looked upon

Caster – someone commenting on an eSports match (aka an “e-sportscaster”)

Console – what type of platform you are gaming on (i.e. an Xbox and a Playstation are both consoles)

Cracked – when someone is very talented at their game

CS (Creep score) – the amount of NPC (non-player characters) someone has defeated


Defending – players working on defense to protect their map area or base, or other players

Dive – a move where a player moves aggressively into an unsafe area for some sort of gain

DLC (Downloadable content) – additional content like levels, characters, and costumes that can be unlocked by purchase and download

Downed – a player who gets downed but isn’t out of the fight yet. Can still be revived by their teammates or with self-revive 

DPS (Damage per second) -a stat describing damage per second, also used to describe a player that deals a lot of damage

DQ (Disqualified) – disqualified


Esports – electronic sports virtual competitive gaming

Exploit – an unfair advantage in the game’s map where you can do things such as seeing through a wall, standing on a light post, stand underwater, or some other unfair advantage


F2P (Free to play) – free to play games that may require in-game purchases rather than a game you need to pay for up front.

Farming – acquiring virtual money and points throughout the game.

FF (Friendly fire) – friendly fire is when a player on your team deals damage to another player on your team.

Fighting game – traditionally one-on-one combat video games such as Streetfighter or Mortal Kombat

Flank – the act of surprising an opponent by coming up behind them suddenly while they are unprepared

FPS (First person shooter) – refers to a first person shooter game such as Halo, Overwatch, and Call of Duty, where you act through the POV of the character you are controlling

FPS (Frames per second) – frames per second, frequency rate of images appear on the screen in video games and all motion capture systems (film, etc.)

Frag/fragging – When you are destroying the whole lobby you can say “I’m fragging out.”

Freemium – a free game you can play without purchase up to a certain level, but must pay to unlock further features

FTW (For the win) – expression of enthusiasm when you are about to or have won the match or simply met a goal


Game developers – the individuals that create the game

Game publishers – the individuals that market and sell the games to distributors and companies

GG (Good game) – a phrase used to wish someone luck before a game, or to congratulate them afterward


Hacks – a hack is an individual who hacked the software code in order to find an advantage (cheating the game from behind the scenes)

HP (Hit points) – hit points are a method of measuring health, when you are taking damage your HP goes down until 0 which is death

HUD (Heads-up display) – simple display on the screen that shows health, current weapon, etc. without blocking the view


IEM (Intel extreme masters)

IGN (In game name) – the name you use, or “handle” unique to the player, in-game name

IRL (In real life) – outside of game play


Juke – a move tricking your opponent to relocate away from yourself, or baiting someone into an aggressive action that fails/ a difficult dodge or evasion


K/D Cap – kill death ratio caps (maximums), used to help level the playing field for tournaments or matches, if a team has a KD cap it helps them not have an unfair advantage when playing against other teams (the average kd of the team would be calculated and then hopefully it is under the cap in order to play).

KDA (Kills, deaths, assists) – what constitutes an in-game scoreboard

Kill/Death Ratio (KDR) – the number of opponents you have killed vs. how many times you have been killed, this ratio impacts your online rank among other players


Lag – your actions on the keyboard or mouse take too long to happen on screen, making your game almost completely unplayable and causing a delay in play

LAN (Local area network) – local area network synonymous with “offline event”

Level Up – in order to advance in the game you need to go from a lower level to a higher level in order to advance the story, unlock new gear, or strengthen your player.


Maps – different locations where gameplay takes place; the objective of the game stays the same but the layout, NPC, things you can do, strategies you should use etc. may be different

Match – contest/competition between two or more players or teams

Meta – short for metagame, a strong and effective way to play a certain game (whether with certain characters or moves on a certain map, etc.)/the best and most dominant strategies and combinations.

Mini-map – a miniature graphic of the whole map you can see on the player’s screen, that will typically show where you, your teammates, and your opponents are to help with positioning

MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) – an evolution of a role-playing game with an interactive online component in a large, immersive open-world with other people playing globally, such as World of Warcraft.

MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) – a game type similar to League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and Fall Guys.

Mod (Modification) – files created for a game by non official game developers in order to specify or change the behavior of a game. Official developer released mods are called patches. Modifications of an existing game.

Mod (Moderator) – see “admin”


Need boost – term used commonly in Rocket League when a player can use pads that will increase their speed or help them to fly

Nerf – when a character or weapon is weakened by game developers in an update, oftentimes to balance out a character that is too powerful/equal the playing field

Nice save – a term of recognition and encouragement when a player does a good move to defend their players or turf against opponents

No Scope – shooting a sniper rifle without using the scope, taking a lot of skill

Noob – a player new to a specific game or games in general

NPC (Non-player character) – non playable characters are controlled by game AI to further the story or add to the quest


Objective – targets, destinations, or goals for your team to get further ahead and more powerful in the game

OP (Overpowered) – overpowered, describes a skill, item, or character that is a nomination to be nerfed


Panel – a group including the caster and other experts that congregate after the game or competition to discuss the match.

Patch – updates to a game coming from the official game developer; professional/official  “modification” of an existing game

Ping – the amount of time it takes for info to travel to the server and back; web and game speed, should be a low number

Ping – In-game way to tag an enemy for your teammates. “ I live pinged him!” 

Port – when a game publisher/marketer wants to create the same game for a new console or platform without customizing the game for that platform (aka moving from PC to PS4), usually resulting in a terrible quality game with bad gameplay.

(Pick-up game) – random players not their original or official team that come together to play a competitive match, could be randomly assigned by a competitive game, giving individuals practice outside of their official teams

PvP (Player vs. player) – player versus player, a game that has fighting against other online players


Rage Quit – when a player stops playing a game because the results aren’t going favorably, typically before the match is finished

Rez me – resurrect me, players who die being resurrected by current team members 

RNG (Random number generator) – random number generator used in games such as Hearthstone or other games with a level of randomness involved, or in games like Battle Royale where loot is never the same in any location.

RPG (Role-playing game) – single player game where you become the character, adventure and narrative story led games with character progression, such as Fallout, The Witcher, Red Dead Redemption, etc.

RTS (Real time strategy) – game genre that includes real time strategy such as StarCraft or WarCraft

Rush – gaming strategy where your team “rushes” an opponent (aka attacking quickly) before they have a chance to defend themselves


Scrub – an experienced gamer who should be more skilled than they actually are; derogatory term, step above noob

Skillshot – an attack that follows the direct path as dictated by the attacking player

Spammer – someone who attacks by pressing buttons super fast, kills they get is a result of luck instead of skill, button masher

Stack – the act of keeping your players close together to protect or hide from an opponent’s attack

Streamer – someone broadcasting their game play or really any action through a live video channel such as Twitch, Youtube, etc.


Tank – player characteristic that is distinguished by its ability to protect the team by drawing attackers away from other players
Throwing – Trying to lose a game on purpose

Toggling – When a person is turning off and on cheats in a video game they are toggling

Tournament – a larger event that is made up of several multiple tiered matches against each other

Twitch – popular streaming platforms for gamers who stream themselves playing and commenting on games an esports events


XP (Experience points) – points you earn as you progress through a game, to help you level up or get new items

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