The New Meta in Warzone

During this new season and all of the patches that come with it, it has been hard to narrow down what the new meta in Warzone is. Previously, the meta was a double AR meta (M16. FFAR or AMAX, FFAR) and it was a very lethal combination. Many content creators and competitive Warzone players will say that an AR and SMG meta is the most balanced. For example, the Kilo and MP5 meta was a staple of Warzone during it’s time. What makes that meta the most balanced is the fact that is was not a “broken” weapon and players could use other options to compete. The same can not be said for other metas that gamers have seen in Warzone. Be sure to go back and look at the broken metas here: DIG Broken Warzone Metas

You will find a similar situation when it comes to the meta right now. There are many viable weapon choices in the game and everyone is grinding to find that potential “broken” gun. Streamer NickMercs believes he might have found the next meta, in the form of his PKM load out.

Any fan of NickMercs knows that LMG’s are his favorite especially if they can compete with the current meta. When the Bruen MK9 was in full force, you wouldn’t see Nick using anything else. Rightfully so, it had a high capacity, normal loading magazine with laser straight shots even at the long range. Nick went on to say that this PKM build felt similar to the Bruen but had just a bit more recoil to it. If you have dropped into Verdansk recently, you might find a lot of kitted PKM’s out there. Be sure to let us know down below what your favorite meta has been so far. Or let us know on social media as well by dropping a follow using this link: DIG Socials

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