Warzone’s Biggest Patch of Season Three

Thursday came with the release of Warzone’s biggest patch of season three so far. Dubbed as “season three reloaded” and introduces a couple action film legends as playable operators in Verdansk. Raven Software is also coming through with some of the best game balancing we have seen as well. Gamers will enjoy the many changes that has come to Warzone. For a more in depth look at all the changes, use this link here: Season Three Reloaded

When it comes to the action film legends, you might find yourself fighting against a full squad of Rambo’s. Likewise, we might be seeing a bunch of Die Hard’s John McClane running around in the near future. With these operators come new POI’s as well, and all of them are related to Rambo and McClane. The headquarters of the Nakatomi Corporation Verdansk’s Downtown for a limited time only. Survival Camps are scattered around the map and a CIA Outpost are the Rambo affiliated POI’s. These additions so far are exciting, but it’s the balancing act that Raven Software is doing that will excite gamers the most.

If you are dropping into Warzone frequently, then you know that there are issues with Dead Silence and Stopping Power field upgrades. More specifically the frequency that players were able to find and use each upgrade. With this patch, they have lowered the spawn rate of Stopping Power very drastically. This is a great step in the right direction for Raven Software and Activision. This makes two consecutive patches that have taken that proper stride, with this one being Warzone’s biggest patch of season three by far. What do you think? Let us know down below with a reply or on our socials using this link: DIG Socials

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