Fortnite FNCS Team Was Disqualified For Threats

A Fortnite FNCS team was disqualified for threats to the team that sent them back to the lobby. During the FNCS Semi-Finals that took place over the weekend, there was plenty of action. So much so that the FNCS became riddled with drama following some choice words from Fortnite Pro Paper and his team. Teams getting contested in Fortnite is very common, and yet still upsets gamers to an insane degree.

Some of the game’s most famous names fell victim to getting contested during the FNCS semi-finals, most notably Clix. But Paper took to social media following the match to express his disdain for the team who contested his team. This is a pretty common tactic as well, but Paper decided to take things a notch higher that usual.

Needless to say, there was already enough hate on social media and this did not help things at all. All for a video game that is free to play. Paper would go on to Twitter to voice his great displeasure, and it is safe to say that he had a lot to say. The esports world took notice an Paper is finally getting the attention that he hoped for! Just for the entirely wrong reasons.

Toxicity is something that has been in the gaming world since the beginning. So it makes sense to expect some level of toxicity at a very large stage like the FNCS Semi-finals. It is players like Paper that tends to ruin competitions and games like Fortnite. It is one thing to call someone a “bot” or a “trash can.” It’s another thing entirely to publicly wish harm on anyone, using derogatory terms to do it. Having some toxicity is fine and you can manage it to be a good thing. That is not the case here though. Now that a Fortnite FNCS team was disqualified for threats, do you think this will lead to more strict rules around “bad manners” or BM?

What are your thoughts? Did Paper cross the line or is this ok in Esports? Let us know down below with a reply! Or you can let us know on social media as well using this link: DIG Socials

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