The Best Wrist and Hand Exercises for Gamers

The most common injury seen in gamers comes from overusing their hands. This comes in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome, synovitis, and tendonitis, causing pain and weakness in the hands and wrist.

As any gamer would tell you, your hands and wrists need to function correctly all of the time, so you have the best chance of winning your game. 

If you’re a gamer who loves to play matches and are looking for a way to improve the pain in your hands and wrists, keep reading to learn our must-know hand exercises for gamers.

The Prayer Position Stretch

When you perform this stretch, it helps to loosen your wrists and forearms to allow for a better range of motion. Start by putting your palms and fingers together in front of you, with your fingers pointed up like you’re praying. Make sure your elbows are pointed outward and hold the position for at least 30 seconds.

To deepen the stretch, slowly pull your hands lower while keeping your elbows pointed out.

Reverse Prayer Position Stretch

Now it’s time to flip that position and stretch some more. Get back into the starting position of the prayer position, stretch, and flip your hands so that the backs of them are touching and your fingers are pointing down. Hold this for at least 30 seconds.

If you want to make the stretch deeper, slowly raise your hands and keep your elbows pointing outward.

The Supine Flexors and Pronated Extensions Stretch

The supine flexor stretch is done on each hand individually and is one of the best wrist exercises for gamers. Start with your left hand, extend your arm in front of you, with your palm facing up. Take your right hand and tug on the bottom half of your fingers, so you’re pulling your wrist down. 

You should feel this on the top of your wrist, but it shouldn’t hurt. If it does, don’t pull so hard. Be sure to hold this for 30 seconds, and then do the same with your right hand.

Then, to perform the pronated extension stretch, face your hand down instead of up. The same as before, use your other hand to pull your fingers and hold for 30 seconds before repeating on the other hand.

Wrist Joint Circles

Wrist joint circles are great for strengthening your wrists. To start, put both of your hands in front of you, with your elbows fully extended. Start to roll and rotate your wrists in a full circle. Do 15 of these clockwise, then switch and do another 15 counterclockwise.

Start Using These Hand Exercises for Gamers Today

Now that you know our hand exercises for gamers, it’s time to put them to good use. If you haven’t followed along with this blog, go back and reread it, trying the exercises as you go. Then, be sure to do these exercises before and after each gaming session to keep your hands and wrists fully mobile.Are you ready to start playing? Create an account and check out our tournaments to see if you can be the next big winner at Drop-In Gaming today!

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