CR-56 AMAX Is Still The Best Gun In Warzone

The state that Warzone is in has left a lot of options for gamers to use in game, but the CR-56 Amax is still the best gun in Warzone. Since the newest season dropped, gamers have enjoyed having many options to use in Verdansk. Leading the pack in dominant fashion is the CR-56 Amax, ahead of competitors like the Kilo, Krig and Grau. Even with the most recent patch notes that Raven Software is bringing to the game today, you will find many players using the Amax. That being said, today’s update did nerf the CR-56 Amax significantly.

The Amax has been a favorite choice of many professional Warzone players due primarily to the long distance damage. In a gun fight, you could see the dominance of the Amax over its Warzone counterparts. The tradeoff with the weapon is the recoil it has, so adjusting for this is an issue for some gamers. In the hands of the Warzone pros though, it has wrecked havoc on the competitive scene. With this newest update, we might see some other primary weapons mixed in during professional competitions.

The headshot multiplier dropping more than a full point is a big deal. Because while this will still reward the better shooters, it won’t seem as lopsided in gunfights anymore. Raven Software has been doing a great job in recent patches when it comes to the rationale behind the changes they make. This gives the gamer more insight, but also helps to connect with the gamer as well. Because Warzone has been loaded with glitches, exploits and hackers, the Warzone community desperately needed some transparency from the developers. Having these explanations in all of the patch notes is their way of being transparent with their users.

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