Bugha Is The Next Fortnite Icon Skin

Bugha is the next Fortnite Icon skin, with it’s release coming to the Fortnite population later today. This skin is the next in line of the Icon Series skin line in Fortnite, that began with the release of Ninja’s skin. It was only a matter of time before the undisputed Fortnite World Cup Champion, literally got his own skin in the game.

Along with his own skin and variants for it, there is a back bling item (the Fortnite World Cup trophy), dual wielding harvesting tool and an emote to finish things. EpicGames have done great with the Fortnite Icon Series releases that they have come out with so far. This release is no exception, and very long over due. In terms of the emotes for all of these Icon Series skins, Bugha’s might be the most cringe worthy of them all. It is right up there with The Grefg and his emote. That being said, EpicGames hasn’t done the best job in the emote department for these Icon skins. The best Icon Series skin emote might lave to be Lazarbeam’s and that emote is just one where you sit down and eat a pastry.

Even though some of the emotes are not the greatest, the entire Icon Series as a whole is great. It really gives back to the content creators who gave so much to the game so far. So far, the Icon Series has covered a large portion of the “social world.” From popular Fortnite streamers and TikTokers, to now the competitive King of Fortnite. Now that Bugha is the next Fortnite Icon skin, what is next in the line of the Fortnite Icon Series? Let us know you thoughts down below with a reply or you can tag us on social media here: DIG Socials

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