Apex Legends Season Ten

Apex Legends season ten is coming up and there is much to unpack with the updates coming to the game. Anything from new in game mechanics or weapons, to new Legends and Legend balancing, Apex Legends is in a good spot with season 10. When you look at recent season’s releases, the new Legends started out being very powerful and needing some balancing. It will be interesting to see if Apex Legends season ten is any different, now that Seer has been announced.

As his name suggests, Seer will have abilities that help your team spot enemy teams. You will see abilities in the same vein as Bloodhound and Crypto. It will most likely be a mix of tracking and “drone technology” style of abilities. He is the eighteenth Legend to join the ranks in the game. Check out an upcoming article where we talk more in depth on Seer. We do know that there is going to be some major Legend balancing coming into play. This could potentially lead to a change in the competitive meta, depending on how large the buffs we see are.

So far Caustic, Gibraltar, Rampart and Fuse are on the lower end in terms of Legend selection. Some of these Legends are more than viable options in the hands of the professional players. In the hands of casual players though, these Legends have proved to be less effective thus resulting in a low pick rate among lower level players. We expect this next season to provide some sort of upgrades to these characters in order to help their appeal to the lower skill levels.

What do you think? Do you think Seer will be an over powered Legend? Let us know down below with a reply. You can also tag us on social media with your thoughts as well: DIG Socials

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