Newest Apex Legend Seer

The newest Apex Legend Seer and is set to be a great addition to the Apex Legend lineup. Season ten is going to feature the Metamorphosis Tales, which you can see in the most recent trailer. You can see the video using this link to our Instagram here: Apex Legends Trailer

The biggest piece of news coming from this trailer is the release of the newest Apex Legend Seer. This trailer goes to show the viewers Seer’s earlier life, before the time of Apex Legends. Even more so, the trailer shows how Seer obtained his powers and abilities. As the Respawn developers like to do, they brought in a fair amount of lore into the mix for Seer. Giving him a back story that is foretold as a prophecy, Seer was born with a cursed mark that grants him his powers.

Those powers are in line or in the same vein as current Legends Bloodhound and Crypto. Seer will be able to locate and call out where enemies are on the map, providing great information to the rest of his team. His passive ability gives him a heartbeat sensor for enemy locations when you ADS. The tactical ability sends out drones that track and revel enemies to your team. His ultimate ability sends out hundreds of drones that create a technological sphere that tracks enemies as long as they are in the sphere. Seer could be a new meta character when he comes into the mix. Bloodhound has been a favorite of gamers since day one, so it will an easy transition to move on to Seer. Let us know your thoughts!

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