New Plasma Cannon in Fortnite

The new plasma cannon in Fortnite has been released and it is looking to be a bit over powered off the rip. This season of Fortnite Chapter Two theme is around aliens and alien technology. The futuristic additions we have seen in Fortnite, like the Nanites and Rail Gun, are a great change of pace from the previous Primal season. The newest addition in the Plasma Canon though might be a step in the “broken” direction. This weapon is able to tear buildings and structures down in a similar fashion as the Radio Box used to several seasons ago.

This new Plasma Cannon in Fortnite is pretty scarce to come across, but still pretty easy to find. You can find the weapon in the IO Bases across the map, which is the easiest route. You can also craft the weapon, which requires a Legendary (Gold) Pistol and some Alien Nanites in combination. This weapon will shoot a slow, large plasma ball that tears anything down in its wake. When you see the stats on the weapon, it has 33 damage to players, but 550 damage to structures. The effects you will see are similar to what you currently see from the UFO’s in Fortnite right now. It goes without saying this Plasma Cannon will disrupt the current meta in Fortnite. Make sure that you use it as a support weapon for your shotgun or AR.

This weapon is going to drive gamers crazy when their opponents are knocking our their builds constantly. What do you think? Do you think the weapon looks like a Llama? Will this weapon be too powerful or will a completely broken weapon that trolls like to use? Let us know your thoughts down below with a reply or tag us on social media using this link: DIG Socials

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