Warzone Season Five Patch Notes

The Warzone Season Five patch notes were made available to the gaming community yesterday. This comes as a relief because this is the second attempt at releasing these notes for season five. The first release of notes came out and were entirely inconsistent throughout the Warzone community. All gamers had different versions of the patch notes, leading some to believe that those notes could potentially be from a future release. This was rather confusing, not knowing what to expect in terms of how weapons will handle themselves. Gamers had to rely on their COD instincts to really see what weapons were viable at first. But now there are some established and consistent notes around the gun updates for season five.

A community favorite weapon received a sizable nerf on the day of a higher profile tournament. The MW MP5 saw some of it’s heavy hitting power reduced, with a slight increase to torso damage. This increase is seen as a “general” change because torso damage is the easiest to inflict, when compared to headshot damage. So in the eyes of the better players, this is seen as burying the MW MP5 with it’s Cold War counterpart.

Additionally, a gun that many expected to receive a buff in the future has actually seen a nerf come its way. The AS VAL is a heavy hitting weapon with small ammo capacity. That ammo capacity has been the primary issue for the weapon, but because it is a heavy hitter we won’t see it as part of the meta.

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