FaZe Takes Home The Champs Crown

After one of the best CDL seasons to date, FaZe takes homes the Champs crown. The LAN event took place in Los Angeles at limited capacity, but with many big names in attendance. You could not look around the room without being able to spot a content creator or competitive Warzone players. Given lower attendance numbers due to COVID19, the LAN event was an absolute success. The stage was set for Atlanta FaZe and Toronto Ultra to duke it out once and for all for CDL Champs of 2021.

The $2,500,000 prize pool got split amongst the top eight teams in the CDL, with FaZe taking home nearly half of that pool. This victory is also the first of many CLD Champs titles this lineup will win in their career. What makes this championship even more impressive is how dominant they were throughout bracket play, going undefeated. Toronto did take the first map from FaZe in the Finals, but from there ATL showed their final form. Champs tournament MVP, FaZe aBeZy and teammate FaZe Cellium made life a living nightmare for Toronto. Even in the couple maps that ATL lost, those two competitors showed out all day.

This year has been an incredible CDL season, even with COVID19 still ever present, getting LAN events back brought a big spark to the CDL scene. Now that FaZe takes home the Champs crown, what do you think? Let us know on social media using these links here: DIG Socials

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