RAAL LMG Warzone’s Newest Weapon

Yesterday brought the RAAL LMG, Warzone’s newest weapon to the scene and it has brought in some Bruin Mk9 vibes to Verdansk. A particular favorite of many big name streamers, the Bruin Mk9 offered range and packed a major punch. Couple that with a fast reload on a larger magazine size, you have a long lasting laser beam without needing time in between fights. The RAAL is potentially the Bruin Mk9 2.0 so lookout for that gun to be laying around all over Verdansk. In every LMG Meta for Warzone, you see that meta being used at a very high percentage. In addition to this new weapon, Warzone brought in some bug fixes and a new feature.

The “looking for party” feature is an interesting addition to Warzone and could be a mainstay in the battle royale genre. Even with this feature still being tested, this has some promise for the future of online gaming. Being able to list your preferences in terms of potential teammates will inevitably help queue times as well. Many gamers typically solo queue into larger game modes (Duos, Trios or Quads) due to the lack of quality teammate. Unless you’re a Warzone demon, then you solo queue for the high kill games. These additions come a week after the Season Five release and you can read about those notes here: Warzone Season Five Patch Notes

With the RAAL LMG Warzone’s newest weapon, we could be looking at the new meta weapon in Warzone. Like we mentioned earlier, the Bruin Mk9 was a fan favorite. If this LMG is anything like the Bruin, you will be seeing it used a great amount. What do you think? Let us know on social media what you think the next meta is: DIG Socials

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