Super Evan and Diaz Biffle Showed Out

The Warzone Duos Twitch Rivals took place yesterday, and Super Evan and Diaz Biffle showed out. This Twitch Rivals event with over seventy teams of two registered to play. As always, the invited competitors list had a majority of the A-list Warzone players on the scene. For example, Ayden and Rated (#1 and #2 over earners), HusKerrs and Shroud, as well as Tommey and Almxnd. Needless to say it was a star studded lineup of competitors.

In this custom lobby event, competitors have a completely different mindset and game plan. Much of what you see in terms of a load out is a Sniper support class of some kind. This also means that teams typically play much more passively, in an effort to stay alive. This is popular because the custom lobby is full of the best players in the world. The common vernacular for this kind of play style is either “ratting” or being “rats”. Something that could make these custom lobbies more interesting and more fun, is removing some of the more “broken” items. Common ideas around this are removing “quick scoping” snipers, Dead Silence and other meta type aspects to the game. Fortunately for Super Evan and Diaz Biffle, they were able to apply the pressure from beginning and never let off. If you haven’t already, be sure to go back and read about the new weapon in Warzone here: RAAL LMG

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