Stealth 7 Finals Are Set

The Stealth 7 Finals are set next week, the last two qualifying teams have earned their seat in the finals. Teams peepoclap and Jajaja made their way through the largest showing in a qualifying tournament so far. By making it to the finals in the Stealth 7 qualifying tournaments, those teams have automatically qualified into the finals. What makes the qualifying series so much fun to watch is the high flying action that comes with Grand Champions.

Team Peepoclap was comprised of gawfs, tosses and lazybear. They showed up right from the start of these qualifying games and didn’t let off the gas. The same can be said for Team Jajaja, which consisted of swefli, schracki and pwrshot. It will be exciting to see how these two stack up to Teams Learning Curve and Big Iron, week one’s qualifying teams. You can read up on the first week of action using this link here: First Stealth 7 Qualifier Winners

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