Dr. Lupo Is Now On YouTube

After streaming many years on Twitch, Dr. Lupo is now on YouTube as an exclusive streamer for the platform. Starting in 2015, Ben Lupo began his streaming endeavor on Twitch while working full time to provide for his family. Dr. Lupo became a fully partnered streamer on Twitch in 2019 and really saw his fame skyrocket. Before his rise, he started streaming with less popular games on Twitch.

Starting out, Lupo streamed Destiny from the start and then eventually moved to battle royale style of games. He cut his teeth with H1Z1, and then he would go on to find one of his best friends that he still has to this day. This person is Tyler Blevins, more popularly known as Ninja. Since then, other names like CourageJD, Dr. Disrespect and others have grown with Lupo. You can go look at the announcement video that Dr. Lupo and his team made here: Dr. Lupo Is Now On YouTube

In his short time as a Twitch partner, Dr. Lupo began a great partnership with St. Judes Children’s Hospital, dedicating several streams a year to fund raising. Over the course of just two years, Dr. Lupo raised over two million dollars for St. Judes Children’s Hospital. Expanding that even further, he raised nearly ten million dollars during his time on Twitch. What also speaks volumes to the person and partner that Dr. Lupo is, Twitch made a sizable one million dollar donation to St. Judes on stream. This move by the platform was more than generous, and provides insight to the relationship they and Lupo have built.

Fast forward to today and you see the Dr. Lupo is now on YouTube, even after this incredibly successful partnership with Twitch. He would go on to mention that finances definitely played a role in his decision. “Everybody’s just trying to secure the bag right? That’s literally why everybody gets up and goes to work right?”
He also mentions spending more time with family being a big reason for the move. Having that time and security that his family is set for life, is the reason you work hard are your job.

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