Respawn Is Taking Out Tap Strafing

Respawn is taking out tap strafing from the popular Battle Royale game Apex Legends. In Season 10 you will see Respawn come in with the first round of patches. Unfortunately that means the favorite mechanic among mouse and keyboard players is getting the axe. Naturally, the Apex Legends community is up in arms about this and have made their opinions known.

NRG Rogue is arguably a top three Apex Legends player in the world and is an M&K player. You can see the above tweet, Rogue asks in a joking fashion if there is anyone with a discount code for a Scuf controller. Since an avid M&K player is considering switching speaks volumes to the effect this change will have. If the mouse and keyboard vs controller debate didn’t have a head of steam, you can bet it will now.

To add onto the topic, it is a known give and take using either input to play the game. Mouse and keyboard players have tap strafing and controller players have aim assist. In the opinion of top tier players, now that Respawn is taking out tap strafing, aim assist needs to see some attention too. Getting rid of aim assist entirely would make playing on a controller almost impossible. So if aim assist is the next in line to see a “nerf”, it will be interesting to see how Respawn goes about it. Let us know what you think on social media using this link here: DIG Socials

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