Timthetatman Is Now On YouTube

After several years on Twitch, Timthetatman is now exclusively on YouTube full time for the rest of his career. This comes as a shocking development in the streaming world. Especially since this news comes during the same week that Dr. Lupo made the exact same announcement of moving over to YouTube. These moves came as a result of a friendship with CourageJD, who moved to YouTube over a year ago. You can go back and read about Lupo’s move over to YouTube using this link here: Dr. Lupo Is Now On YouTube

Similar to Dr. Lupo and his reasoning, Timthetatman talks about family being a big reason for the move. In an interview with Business Insider Tim says, “Now that I have my wife and my son, it is hard for me to Stream as much as I did beforehand.” Something that could contribute to his decision as well is the day to day fans that he interacts with. “I have more followers on Twitch, but a lot of people day-to-day call me a YouTuber.” This decision comes as a result of what has happened over the last couple of years. You can see Ninja and Shroud move to Mixer a few years ago, to eventually come back. CourageJD going full time on YouTube was one of the first big names to make the “exclusive” move. Likewise with Dr. Disrespect going full time on the platform, albeit for different reasons. Now we saw Dr. Lupo make the same move over, leading Timothy Betar to make the same decision, for the same reasons.

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