Warzone Meta Is The Stoner 63

If you have been playing Call of Duty recently, then it’s likely you know that the Warzone meta is the Stoner 63. In the past seasons of Warzone, we have seen LMG’s take the forefront of the meta with the Bruin Mk9 as well as the PKM. Even the newest RAAL LMG can be a contender for the meta right now, but hasn’t taken the spotlight yet. You can go back and read about the new LMG in Warzone using this link here: The RAAL LMG

During the last two seasons of Warzone, you will notice that recent metas have been a combination of the FARA, C58 and the KRIG. This means that the AR category has been in the spotlight for awhile now. At the same time as these metas, the Stoner 63 has silently been a laser beam that’s slept on. The biggest reason for this is that many gamers love having great mobility, ADS and reload speed in Warzone, which you do not get with LMG’s. Which has lead many gamers to a “lighter” style of loadout for those specific reasons. That being said, the Stoner 63 is fast for the LMG class and packs a huge punch with the below loadout:

1. Agency Suppressor
2. 20.7″ Match Grade Barrel
3. Axial Arms 3X Optic
4. Field Agent Grip Underbarrel

The fifth attachment can vary depending on the gamer. You can throw on the 120 round magazine or even the speed magazine to help with the reload time. The speed magazine holds 75 rounds which is the base amount for the Stoner 63. Otherwise the fifth attachment can be used for a Rear Grip or Stock to help with aiming or ADS speed. With this loadout, its likely the new Warzone meta is the Stoner 63.

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