Team Peepoclap Are Stealth7 Champions

After a month’s worth of qualifying tournaments, Team Peepoclap are the Stealth7 Champions. This team comes from the week 4 qualifier as they finished in 1st place. Team Peepoclap rode the hot hand, after rolling over into the Finals tournament after a great showing last week. The Stealth7 Champions consisted of Gawfs, Tossis and Lazybear and showed out throughout the Grand Finals. To put it into perspective, in every matchup they faced, Team Peepoclap scored first. Even better, Lazybear opened up the Grand Finals with a goal off of the opening tip off, leading to a 4 second goal.

This trio never seemed to be at a disadvantage during the qualifying round and this final round as well. Team Peepoclap consisted entirely of Grand Champion, Division 2 players in 3v3’s. The rank of each team was nearly identical in every tournament, so seeing these ranks isn’t the most surprising. But with some of the scores that they put up, it is no surprise that Team Peepoclap are Stealth7 Champions.

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