Aim Assist Is Taking Over

In the world of competitive gaming, aim assist is taking over and the debate of M&K or controller is as hot as ever. For years now, it is known that PC is the way to go due to the “quality of life” around your gaming experience. So do not hear what this article is not saying! It is not a question of PC or Console (Xbox or PS5). It is a question of which input to use while playing on a PC, mouse and keyboard or controller. Regardless of which battle royale game you play, aim assist has always been at the forefront when it comes to which input gamers use.

While there are major benefits to playing on mouse and keyboard, the main benefit to using a controller is always going to be aim assist. As a result, you see players get up in arms about dying to someone who has aim assist. But now that aim assist is taking over, we expect more players to be making the input switch. You can see this topic rearing its head in Apex Legends as well. Go back and read about Respawn taking out Tap Strafing in next season of Apex Legends. Use the link here: Respawn Is Taking Out Tap Strafing

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