Scump Is Now On Warzone

With the Call of Duty League complete and the Champions crowned (Congrats ATL FaZe!), Scump is now on Warzone. You can read more about how the CDL finished out using this link: FaZe Takes Home The Championship You will see many of the CDL pros making the (temporary) jump over to Warzone after being stuck on the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War engine for awhile. While you can expect a little bit of a learning curve, CDL players have been playing COD for years. It will not take them long to adapt to a different engine and weapon metas. You can see below for a perfect example of the GOAT finding his form already.

It is fair to say that it doesn’t take long for Scump to find his stride. Even in the past, Scump has proved to be one of the best players in the world, regardless of the game. What makes his gameplay in Warzone so much fun to watch, is his energy and use of weapons as well. Talking about what makes a Cold War weapon feel different in Warzone rather than Cold War, gives the viewer awesome insight.

With a Krig 6 meta, Scump finds his favorite weapons to be the FARA 83 with a Bullfrog in tow. The FARA has a more manageable recoil pattern in the Cold War AR category and is great in mobility. His secondary the Bullfrog allows the gamer to have great mobility as well and packs a decent punch. Even with more powerful SMG’s, Scump is an SMG specialist and he will get use out of the Bullfrog. As a result, you will see Seth Abner dropping consistent high damage games on Warzone.

Even though Scump is now on Warzone, he still has his eyes set on another CDL title. Do you think that Scump will move to Warzone full time now? Let us know on social media here: DIG Socials

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