New Warzone Meta According To JGOD

Now that the Thursday update has come and gone, there is a new Warzone meta according to JGOD. Leading up to this update, the Krig 6 has been the go to weapon for a majority of Warzone players. Prior to that, the C58 was the primary choice and that was a heavy hitting meta. You could see the FARA 83 and Stoner 63 being used due to the benefits each gun provides (easy recoil or fire power). Gamers are left to to figure out the new meta after the significant nerf to the Krig 6. Luckily for the Warzone community, they have JGOD to come to the rescue.

What makes the meta conversation a fun one is it has to do with damage as well the recoil patterns to each of the weapons. Which makes the meta one of two weapons, the FARA 83 and the Stoner 63. JGOD goes on to say, “The Stoner is still broken, it is still very easy to use. I think that it is going to be 100% meta.”
Go back and read about the Stoner before today’s update using this link: Warzone Meta Is The Stoner 63.

The reason the Stoner won’t be the most used weapon though, is due to the mobility and the reload time. It is going to cater towards a slower play style and not the “sweatier” players. The FARA provides a bit more options in terms of gunsmithing and provides a comparable TTK to many top tier “meta weapons” in seasons’ past. The new Warzone meta according to JGOD is the Stoner, FARA and the QBZ, since it is similar to the “pre-nerf” Krig 6.

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