Finally A New Map In Warzone

It will be nearly two years in the making, but there is finally a new map in Warzone. Or it is at least on the way to Warzone. Verdansk has been the home of Call of Duty’s battle royale since it released. Even though it has been nearly two years, we have not seen a new map come to the game yet. Some gamer’s will say, “yes there was a new map added, it’s called Verdansk 1984.” It was new to Warzone yes, but it definitely is not a new map altogether. As a result, the developers of the new COD Vanguard are bringing in an entirely fresh and new map, known as Pacific. You can read more about the overall Vanguard release using this link here: COD Vanguard Reveal

After an exclusive look into Vanguard multiplayer, gamers got a sneak peak that is the Pacific Warzone map. Say goodbye to the city of Verdansk, we are going back in time again for the new map. This time it is a full revamp of what we know the Warzone map to be. What we do know is that Vanguard is set to release on November 5th and that the days Warzone updates is now on Thursdays. It is very likely that the new map will come during one of these update days shortly after the game releases.

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