New Changes In Fortnite Season 8

With all of the new changes in Fortnite Season 8, Epic Games has ushered in a fun season to play. Following the events of the Operation Sky Fire event, some of the upfront changes you see are the map and the change to the loot pool. You can read more about the event here: Fortnite Season Eight Cubed
One particular addition to the map is reminiscent of Season X from Chapter 1 of Fortnite and Neo Tilted. You’ll find “slipstreams” of sorts in the parts of the map you unlock with the new season. As a result, this season will be tested thoroughly by the Fortnite community and surely report back to Epic Games with their thoughts.

Epic Games is continuing their partnership with #Marvel and adding Spider Man’s – #Carnage to the Battle Pass as the tier 100 skin this season. This also fits the “cosmic or alien” theme as well since the symbiote is not from earth. Firm handshakes all around right out of the gate for this move. There have also been a couple of map changes with Sludgy Swamp and Corny Crops. This is a result of the Mothership tumbling down to the island after last season’s event.

One of the more important changes is the addition of new Sideways Zones, weapons, chests and more. These zones and items are this season’s risk-reward items. The best weapons come from the Sideways Zones, but there are monsters there waiting for you. Getting the Sideways Rifles and Minigun will be the ones you want, since they have a power boost you can unlock with them. Otherwise, you can find things like a launcher, burst assault rifle, light blade and of course some symbiote particles.

With some of these new changes in Fortnite Season 8, what is your favorite addition? Let us know on social media using this link here: #DropInGaming

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