Are Custom Lobbies The Future?

Are Custom lobbies the future? This is a question that might be answered very shortly. In Call of Duty #Warzone, we have seen the tournament scene evolve over time. It started with a regular kill race style, you have “x” amount of time to get your highest kill/point games possible. Moving away from “bot races”, we see the 2v2 kill race format. This bracket style format pits your team against another team of two in the same lobby, going for the most kills over one to three games. Both of these formats have come with significant issues, each becoming more and more tough to deal with. Anything from stream sniping to poor server connections, there are a number of issues with these formats. Resulting in the need for a better, more competitive format for the professional players.

In recent weeks, we have seen various #Warzone personalities hosting their own custom tournaments. This option has appealed to the competitive #Warzone scene because it eliminates the hacker and stream sniper issues. With only having players that are invited to the lobby, you also get a much more intense style of gameplay. After all, you are in the same lobby with the best players in the country or the world. What makes #Warzone interesting in terms of custom lobbies, is that they are the last ones to the party! Competitors like #Fortnite, #ApexLegends and even #PUBG have hosted custom lobbies for their championship tournaments. Even the family friendly game #FallGuys has had the custom lobby option for some time now. As a result, Warzone has started following the custom lobby crowd now.

So, are custom lobbies the future? No they are not, but they are the present! Call of Duty #Warzone is just late to the party. What do you think? Be sure to let us know on social media here: #DropInGaming

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