New Warzone Patch Out

With a new Warzone patch out and we can see some of the meta weapons getting nerfed. It is just a matter of how far the nerf goes for these weapons. Because not only did the weapons receive a nerf at the base level, but some attachments for those guns got some attention too.You can read about the most recent update and the meta weapons at that point using this link here: #JGOD’s Warzone Meta

The OTs 9 submachine gun has been terrorizing gamers in #Verdansk for over a month now. The one and only downside to the weapon is the ammo capacity being capped at 40 rounds. You will almost always see players using Sleight of Hand for the faster reload time. Now we see the OTs 9 getting some attention from the developers, receiving a hefty nerf. Raven Software released their next set of patch notes around their decisions for the nerfs. Saying “with a shared Neck and Headshot multipliers, headshots were nearly twice as easy to hit, making the OTs 9 remarkably forgiving for a weapon with extraordinary TTK potential.” As a result Raven Software nerfed the maximum damage the gun can do, as well as differentiated the Neckshot and Headshot multipliers to be 1 and 1.5 respectively.

This nerf also hits other weapons like the CW AK-47, FARA, Krig and Stoner 63. Mainly in the recoil departments. There was also some tweaking to the damage rates for each gun, which will increase the skill gap among players. Depending on which side of the fence you sit on, increasing the skill gap will please the more competitive players. Be sure to let us know what you think about the new Warzone patch out by tagging on social media: #Drop-In Gaming Socials

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