Apex Legends Ranked Servers Are Broken

Over this last week, gamers have seen that Apex Legends Ranked servers are broken right now. The game’s best players and personalities have been trying to play their money making game this whole week. Even today, they are still having issues getting on and doing their jobs. Now it does seem a bit silly, to get angry about server issue for a free to play game. But Respawn has made a significant amount of money from the popular BR, and it’s in large part due to their game ambassadors/streamers. As a result of this experience, Respawn has gone to social media to tell the masses that a solution is on the way.

Getting more server capacity seems like it is always the easy fix for these kinds of issues. But people that aren’t on a development team don’t realize how much of an effort the final solution really is. Especially with such a popular game like Apex Legends. These issues did not just come out of no where either. These issues stem from the release of a recent game patch, which that concept is not a foreign one. There are usually issues with new patch releases, but this has resulted in a significant impact to the gamer experience. Especially when it comes to the upper echelon of Apex Legends players.

Those in the higher ranks, like Masters and Predator, only play in Ranked lobbies to maintain their ranks. But now that Apex Legends Ranked servers are broken, we are less Apex players streaming the game. Unrelated to the server issues, Respawn has also announced they are delaying their nerf to Tap Strafing in the coming patches. Go back and read up on the input battle gamers have on a daily basis: Aim Assist Is Taking Over

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