The Two Time Nuke Challenge

With the release of the Call of Duty #Vanguard beta, the Two Time Nuke challenge has been born. Since the beta is out and in full effect, the COD community is out in full force testing it out. You name them, they’ve played it and have found success on the game. Of course, the first thing gamers look to do is drop a nuclear bomb or nuke. This is a staple in almost all Call of Duty games, dropping a nuke because of how difficult it is to do. Getting 25 kills without dying is a tall task for any gamer, even the best players in the world. So much so, that even they are ecstatic for the achievement. As a result, we are seeing Dr. Disrespect (the Two Time) give challenges to some of the top COD players in the world.

The Two Time nuke challenge has gone to Twitter, calling on his first contestant for this challenge. Surely you can not find a better “guinea pig” than the CDL Champion and king, Scump. This man has been on top of the COD scene for several years now, and makes an immediate impact on each COD game that comes out. Dr. Disrespect has been toying with the idea of a challenge like this to send out over social media. The challenge is the player has five matches or maps to drop a nuke or V2 Rocket. Already a tough task to do over five matches, the King of COD checked off the challenge on his first try. Naturally, you can see the Champ become very excited! You can use this link here to see a clip of the Scump completing the challenge: Scump Beats The Two Time Nuke Challenge.

Because Scump completed his challenge, the Two Time has shipped off a custom Dr. Disrespect vest to the CDL King. Doc was expecting this to be a drawn out challenge with some tough maps. Maybe even a failed attempt in his first challenge to a player, but not a victory. He should have thought better about who he should have challenged! But then again, maybe it doesn’t really matter since it is fantastic marketing for his brand moving forward. Be sure to let us know what you think on social media using this link here: #Drop-InGaming Socials

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