The Best Weapons In Fortnite

With the new season of Fortnite out, the best weapons in Fortnite have changed with the loot pool yet again. Something we will bring up again with the new season is the addition of “Sideways zones” and the weapons that come with them. It’s not often you see gamers using them in game, but in the end game it’s likely someone would win because these weapons are OP. They are the definition of a “risk vs reward” play, but the payoff certainly is great. As a result, we can see a potential increase in the use of these weapons as the season progresses. For more information on other new updates to the game, use this link here: New Changes In Fortnite Season 8

Much like Fortnitemares, these Sideways zones have ghouls and monsters protecting powerful chests. In those chests you can find different variety of weapons that are stronger than their normal counterparts. Mainly the Sideways rifle and Minigun are the big ticket items. The TTK potential on both of these weapons is outrageous at the base level. What makes these weapons overpowered, is their multiplier boost when the guns begin to overheat. Consider this a “supercharged mode” of sorts. This makes for an incredibly fast TTK, especially if the player hits their shots prior to the weapon going supercharge mode. As a result, the top players in the game will lean towards the best weapons in Fortnite to drop high kill games. Come drop your own high kill games in tonight’s Tilted Tuesday tournament by clicking this link: Tilted Tuesday Solos

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