Timthetatman Is Part Owner Of Complexity

Timthetatman is part owner of Complexity now, after many months of behind the scenes work. Tim’s camp has been very, very busy this year. Making moves all over, Timothy Betar has become the “modern day” version of his good friend Tyler Blevins. Even though Ninja has not joined an organization of any kind, Tim has been on that climb for a couple of years now. From being in a Super Bowl commercial, to signing new sponsors like HyperX and leaving the Twitch platform over to YouTube. All of those moves have lead into his next big announcement in joining the eSports organization Complexity.

Having ties to the Dallas Cowboys organization is an important part to Tim’s fandom, especially when it comes to football. Being part owner in the organization that is part of his favorite team, has to be a bucket list item. Now that Timthetataman is part owner of Complexity, he has entrenched himself with the Dallas Cowboys even more than he was before. With this move, he will continue his growth as a streamer and influencer, similarly to his good friends.

Looking at NickMercs and CourageJD, becoming a part owner in the organization you are in is a huge deal. What makes Tim’s ownership move a significant one, is that Tim was not involved with the organization perviously. He was just a fan of the team and organization as a whole. Ev a man of his stature, coming into an organization as a fresh face in the ownership group is a testament to his brand. As a result, we can expect to see Timthetatman thrive in an already fantastic market that is eSports.

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