Changes To Apex Legends Are Coming

Changes to Apex Legends are set to release when season eleven drops, as we can expect changes to the current Legends in the game. As you see with every new season, Legend and weapon balancing come into play without fail. Just like with this season, certain legends got buffs/nerfs due to Seer (the newest Legend) coming to the game. Naturally, Seer immediately became a favorite for gamers just like Valkyrie in the previous season. If/when a new Legend is introduced to season eleven, you can bet other Legends will get some attention. More specifically, the Legends who are lower on the “pick rate” sides of things.

There is a sizable difference in competitive and casual players of Apex Legends when it comes to the Legends they choose. For example, Gibraltar is a popular choice for competitive players for a couple different reasons. His abilities cater to the better players and they also have the movement mechanics that make Gibby’s size irrelevant. So in terms of the the lowest pick rates in the casual scene, we can see Gibraltar, Wattson and Crypto at the bottom of the list. As a result, we can expect to see some changes coming to these legends specifically. Potentially some others as well.

Going back to last season, Wattson has been next in line to see a buff of some kind. It is likely that removing “Low Profile” from Wattson is the plan. However, they will need to balance some things around with her hit box so that she doesn’t become overpowered. She even saw a nerf at the beginning of this season but that was for her use in the Arenas mode. When it comes to Gibby and Crypto, they are looking to make them more of an appealing option to the casual players. Really focusing on trying to drive the pick rate north for all these Legends. Something that they should put a focus on is the server capacity and health of their Ranked servers. You can read more on that topic by using this link here: Apex Legends Ranked Server Health

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